Q9293 Wool Courthouse Steps Log Cabin with Piano Key Border Quilt
78 x 80 inches

There are many different Log Cabin Patterns. The Log Cabin pattern originally came to us from England. Creative quilters have developed many varieties of this pattern. Every conceivable fabric has been used, at one time or another, to create Log Cabin quilts. Sunshine and shadows is a much loved design. This wool Log Cabin has taken the design to another level by adding the Piano Key Border using the fabrics used in the main body of the quilt.

The fabrics used here are mostly woolen and are comprised of plain weave, plaids and checks. All strips are 1" in width with various lengths including the 4" bars on two sides with 5" bars on opposite sides. The backing is an amazingly graphic earlier design. There are 36 11" blocks with a center chimney measuring 1" square. The visual impact of the coordination of light and dark fabrics is one of graphic sophistication as well, to me, as a feeling of emotional comfort.

A stunning textile art for your wall or to be used as a couch throw or a full size bed quilt.