Q9296 Bear Paw with a Diamond in a Square Quilt
61 x 81 inches

True Turkey Red fabric is one of only two colors that will not fade in the sun. This stunning Bear Paw quilt is comprised of two fabrics..Turkey Red and White.

Comprised of 35 Bear Paw blocks measuring 8" square on point joined by white blocks measuring 5" square also on point. The outside border is 7-1/2" in width finished with a 1/4" separately applied binding in white. The border is comprised of three sections, outside designs in Turkey Red joined by a wide White strip. The entire border is quilted in a cross hatch grid with rows 5/8" apart. The bear Paws are quilted in a straight line grid crosshatched 5/8" apart. The white areas have exceptional quilting of medallions with all areas in the white filled with quilting.

This quilt comes from the family with a wonderful story. It seems that the owners great-great Grandfather was a Doctor. In treating a member of the family he spilled some medicine on the quilt, removing color. In later years a family member painted over these pieces! Luckily the painted pieces were in a straight line on one side if the quilt. We have removed that row, reattaching the border. In reality this makes the quilt a fragment, in a perfect size for an amazingly graphic major piece of wall art!

Family name upon sale. Ready to be sent, with free shipping for your approval.