Q9297 Floral Applique Kit Quilt
76 x 96 inches

Fabric and pattern companies were very smart in assisting quilters with an easy way to buy fabric and patterns in one step. Quilters did all the creative work on the Kit quilts. Fabric came stamped with the quilting design and where to place all appliqued pieces. It was the quilters' talent that created the finished product.

Here is a beautiful, cheery quilt that is in unused condition. The front and back are both wholecloth in the same happy yellow. All work was executed by hand by an experienced quilter with nice even small quilting. The applique work is also very even and executed with small stitches. Because of the wholecloth backing this quilt is completely reversible. What sets this quilt apart are the initials appliqued in the center. The edge is so unusual with cutouts in a wide V shape every 13" or so. The separately applied 3/16" tiny binding is put on by machine and finished by hand. This is the only machine work on this quilt.

Quilting is diaGONAL, some crosshatched and some outlining the center medallion. Quilting is 1-1/4 " apart in straight line grids. Inside the Center Medallion the quilting is 1/2" apart and follows the triangular shaped medallion. Even though this quilt was created to include a pillow tuck, it fits my king size bed turned sideways.

Now organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your at home approval, with free shipping.