Q9299 Mennonite Trip Around the World Quilt
81 x 81 inches
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

An unusual Trip Around The World executed in the format of the Amish Log Cabin Barn Raising configuration.

In mint condition, constructed from squares which measure 1-5/8". There are hundreds of squares constructed from unused fabrics. The squares are machine pieced, which is typical of both Amish and Mennonite quilts. Each square is crosshatch quilted on the diagonal with nice even stitching. There are three borders, each measuring 2-1/2" in width. These are also machine pieced. The quilting is the same: even and nicely executed. The quilting is a herringbone design, also perfectly executed.

This quilt is graphically wonderful to see on different levels ..to me it also has an optical illusion look! The colors range from Black to white, with every color except purple contained in this very colorful and cheerful textile. The whole cloth backing is a rose pink calico, making this textile reversible.

In perfect unused condition and ready to be sent on approval with free shipping.