Q9300 Amish Corner Square Diamond in a Square Quilt
80 x 83 inches
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

A graphically spectacular Trip Around The World Amish quilt is made from wonderful Wool challis fabrics. All of these fabrics appear to be unused and in perfect condition..there are a very few stains that are barely noticeable.

The Amish from Lancaster, PA. have as a clue to the fact that the origin is only Lancaster County, PA., are the four corner blocks. Wool challis was and still is a very expensive fabric. This stunning quilt was machine pieced as are most, if not all, Amish quilts. Another attribute to the Lancaster Amish is their exquisite quilting. This quilt is no exception.

The outside border measures 12-1/2" including the 1-1/4" separately applied binding in almost the same color brown. The quilting design is a meandering feather wreath border...very beautifully done. The corner squares measure 11-1/4" Square and contain a continuation of the Feather Wreath Border.

The squares that comprise the main pattern are quilted with diagonal crosshatching. The stitches are all beautifully executed. There is a maroon border that is 3-5/8" on two sides and 3-1/2" on the other two sides. The quilting on these borders is a meandering leaf and vine with some flowers design. All quilting is perfect.

The backing is a cozy light cotton flannel making the quilt light, but warm.

Probably this was saved for Sunday Best or not used at all.

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