QT109 Double Wedding Ring Quilt Top

65 x 82 inches

This hand pieced quilt top is a design that usually was made as a wedding present....either by the bride, her Mother or a group of her friends. Nicely hand pieced, in perfect condition and ready to finish as a loving present or for onesself.

There are dozens of colorful calicos displaying the variety of wonderful cheery calicos from that era. The joining four squares of solid sage green..a prominent color of that era and of today combined with a same hue pink in 2 inch squares.

The rings are apx 16-1/2 inch, pieces in the ring are 2-1/8 inch long by 1/2" at the bottom and 3/4" at the top. All piecing is perfectly executed. The rings are joined with a natural muslin finishing a very happy feeling top ready for your quilting either by hand or machine.

As always sent for your at home approval.