QT204 Nine Patch Quilt Top with Sashing & Double Border
83 x 95 (210.8 x 241.3 cm)
New England

This wonderful unused quilt top is executed in the traditional 9 patch pattern. The addition of a 4 inch sashing with corner blocks plus a double border make it special. Pre Civil War fabrics are in a variety of patterns and hues - all beautiful and crisp with a few stains that may come out with its first wash. Note the brown fabric in the lower left corner of the photo where a wrinkle in the fabric during the printing process made an area with no color in two of the squares! Not a detraction, just a note of special interest. Completely hand pieced, the 9 patch blocks measure 8 3/4 x 9, with double borders measuring 1 3/4 for the inner border, and 2 inches for the outer (includes 1/4" seam allowance). Ready to be finished by you into a generous sized quilt.