QT221 Star of David Folk Art Original Design with Miniature Stars of Bethlehem Quilt Top.
78 x 88 inches
New York

Judea folk art is very rare. A Judea quilt top is even more rare. This amazing quilt top encompasses both categories. Created somewhere between 1875 and 1920, this wonderful piece of art was made before Adolph Hitler came to power.

It has The Star of David all around the border in the 3-1/2" squares. There are 8 turkey red Star of David throughout the quilt. There are 14 blocks of a beautifully pieced Star of Bethlehem. Each triangle has 1" sides. The Star of Bethlehem is comprised of fabrics dating from the middle of the 19th century.

Is it possible that this fabric was the clothing of some very beloved individual? In the middle is the initial "E", which I assume stands for the individual's last name. It is pieced on blue and rose color chambray fabric. Hand pieced. All done by hand with a running back stitch. This quilt top has been entirely pieced and appliqued by hand. The piecing has been done with a running back stitch indicative of the 19th century when individuals created either clothing or textiles meaning never to take them apart.