QT23 Roman Bars on Chinese Coin Quilt Top
78 x 90 inches
New England

This is a very special quilt top. The Chinese coins or Roman bars quilt top is foundation pieced. The strips of Chinese coin are completely hand pieced. These strips are joined with a much earlier fabric in a medium brown and off-white. The joining of these two fabrics is done by machine. There are dozens of different fabrics on this quilt, ranging in age from 1845-1875. This quilt would fit either a queen or a double bed, depending on which way you turn it. The wonderful thing about foundation piecing is that you may now tie this quilt instead of hand quilting it. If I was working on the quilt I would take a small piece from two edges and use it for a binding. No matter what your color scheme, I believe you will find it in this quilt top. An amazing piece of textile art that will be easy to complete. Ready to be sent to you for your approval, with shipping included.