QT247 Cotton Bars and Crazy Quilt Top
c. 1928
62-1/2 x 68-1/2 inches

The method used in piecing this cotton crazy quilt strips is called foundation piecing. Foundation piecing means sewing whatever size pieces you choose onto a larger piece of fabric. I have never seen a quilt like this, it is unusual as well as being an optical illusion design. The original bars pattern is actually an early 19th century design. This adaptation of that pattern, I believe, was created by the maker of this quilt top. This very graphic quilt top is in perfect mint condition, even to the point that there are basting stitches that have not been removed. If you see errant strings on the photos it's because the "piecer" never removed her basting stitches.
The crazy quilt strips vary from 8-1/2 to 10' in width. The blue sashing measures approximately 2-1/2" wide.
Where this quilt top has been securely foundation sewn, one could reverse tie this top instead of hand quilting and have a fabulous piece of art for your wall or bed. The piecing on the quilt was executed with a treadle machine during the late 1920s. There are still a few pieces that need to have the outline stitching finished. What a great piece of creative optical illusion folk art!
In mint condition and ready for you to finish and enjoy. We are happy to send for your in home approval.

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