QT444 Multiple Stars Quilt Top
88 x 89 (223.5 x 226.1 cm)

There are many quilt designs and styles. During the mid 19th century the "Nine Block" formation was very much in vogue. Star designs came in many different patterns and were loved by many.
We have here a beautifully graphic and well executed Broken Stars quilt top ready for your quilting apx. 160 years after it was constructed. Both hand and early treadle machine pieced. The blocks measure 26-3/4" square with 1-3/4" joining strips. The 2" border has been "chewed" in places...If this strip is removed there should be enough fabric to use for the binding. There are a very few seams that need to be restitched and a 1/4" hole in one green diamond which can be replaced with the edge fabric.
The fabrics used here are an over dyed green calico, a very unusual double pink, a matter dyed calico and a white with blue diamond design joining block. I think that the stars were pieced before the Civil War and put together afterwards.
A washing after quilting should remove any storage discoloration.
Always sent for your approval without a shipping charge.