QT466 Bear Paw Quilt Top
70 x 88 inches

The Garden Maze quilt pattern is one of the earliest New England pieced pattern designs. This artist has combined the Garden Maze with a 9 patch Bear Paw design. There is a huge array of early 19th century fabrics dating from c.1810 to c.1835. The yardage needed to make the garden maze and fabrics used in the bear paw were expensive - therefore we assume created by an affluent family. Studying antique quilts is both historical and sociological. This quilt top has a rare and unusual over-dyed green calico and very rare pink and white gingham. The 13” blocks include a 1” green border and the Bear Paws are made up of one 4 x 2-1/2” triangle and four 2” diamonds. Most beds during this era measured about 52” wide which is what this quilt top would have been created for. Completely hand pieced (made many years before the sewing machine was in public use). This piece should be worth $800, however, where there are seams that need to be restitched, I’m selling it for $325. Very truly very artistic piece of textile art. Ready to be sent for your approval.