QT503 Silk Flying Geese Quilt Top

72 x 78 inches
New England

I have found it difficult to photograph this pure silk quilt top as it will not hang straight due to a lack of weight.
This Flying Geese pattern was created in four-inch blocks with a 1-1/4 inch sashing and square joining blocks 1-1/4 inch square. Some of the fabrics are very very early, predating the date of construction. This fact is not unusual in quilt making. This quilt is beautifully pieced. Even the seams are finished on the back with a nice, even whip stitch. Minuscule running basting stitches piece the pieces. I'm selling this silk top at this low price because you need to take it apart and use most of the blocks which are good, and discard the ones that are not, or take some of the pieces from some of the blocks that are not perfect and restore some of the others. If this quilt top was in perfect condition it would be about $1,200. I am selling this for $325 as is ....not including shipping which will be about $17. I am happy to send it on approval to you. The full quilt measures about 72 x 78 approximately.
Because of the high cost of the fabrics we know that this quilt top must have been created by "a lady of leisure".
I am happy to send this quilt top for your approval.