QT802 Log Cabin Quilt Top with Split Triangle Chimneys
68 x 78 (172.7 x 198.1 cm)

This is truly an amazing quilt top. A foundation piece log cabin with a split chimney, something one hardly ever sees. The chimneys are apx 1 3/4 inches square and the logs apx 3/4 inch in width. The entire piece is machine foundation pieced with an early treadle machine. This quilt can be tied or quilted. Black is a very sought after color in quilts and this one has a lot of black. It’s beautifully graphic. <\p>

In unused condition, this wonderful early quilt top contains a glorious array of fabrics for the lover of antique textiles! The 8 1/2 inch blocks are foundation pieced by treadle machine making it strong and sturdy for display or use with or without backing and binding. We love the split square chimneys which is rare in a Log Cabin and adds something special to this spectacular top. Foundation pieced by treadle machine.