QT820 Foundation Pieced Crazy Quilt Top

c. 1935
76 x 78 inches
New England

Happy, happy, happy :-). This is the best way I can describe this quilt top. As a result of the foundation pieceing, this quilt top doesn’t need to be quilted, only tied. The basic block is a 7” crazy quilt diamond. Then 11 plus diamonds are put together to create a strip 75” long. The next step was 14 of these strips sewn together to created this top. The foundation piecing was done by hand. The blocks and strips were then sewn by machine giving you a sturdy piece to work with. No matter what your depression era color scheme is, those colors are going to be on this quilt top. All of the fabrics on this quilt top are unused. It appears that these were scraps left over from whatever this seamstress was making. The two end rows are solid pieces of fabric instead of being pieced in a crazy quilt manner. This creates two borders for the quilt top. This top can be used in any direction. The photo shows the direction that looks (to my eye) the best when hanging. In unused ...unwashed condition...to be sent for your approval..