QT902 Dresden Plate with Ice Cream Cone Border Quilt Top

74 x 88 inches

The Dresden plate was the second most popular pattern to be created during the depression era. There are many renditions of this pattern which vary according to the size of the plates and the shapes of the spokes. In this case the ice cream cone border takes this quilt to a higher level. Time consuming is an understatement in piecing this border. This designer chose to create each plate in a specific color palette, alternating the solid fabric with a calico in the same palette. We have a yellow solid matched with a yellow and white floral.

The entire quilt's fabrics are an example of the wonderful array of pastel calicos, solids, and checks of the era. The plates are smaller than some, measuring 10-1/2" in diameter with each spoke measuring 3-1/2". The spoke pieces of each plate are joined by machine while the entire plate is appliqued onto an off white muslin backing, with the center of the plate being turned under and finished using a reverse applique method. Each block measures 17". Due to the fact that the plates and the border are smaller in stature, we are left with a large area in which some beautiful quilting may be executed. This quilt top, as most of my quilt tops, has never been washed. There is some slight foxing due to being folded for a hundred years; this will wash out once the quilt has been finished.

This large size would fit today's queen size bed.

There are three cones that have small tears and should be replaced. I will include some original, same date fabric so you can fix the problem.

As always, sent on approval for your in home viewing.