QT903 Ruby McKim Design Basket Kit Quilt Top

77 x 97 inches
Vinyl Haven, Massachusetts

Art Deco was the rage during the 1920's when this quilt top was designed. This is a kit quilt..which means you purchased a quilt top in which all areas for the applique work as well as the quilting design were stamped on the whole-cloth background. The premier kit quilt company was Mountain Mist. This is a pattern designed by Ruby McKim. In this case the quilter has executed and finished all applique work. In addition added basket embellishment.

There is a white outer border that can be made any width under the 9" as desired to fit a specific area. There is an inner border that is an inch in width. All applique pieces are of only 2 measurements. All squares measure 1" and all other pieces that are of a visually different measurement are created from the same size pieces..all 1" square.

The colors are all indicative of the Depression era. An array of pastels with a very few red accents. We assume that this was never used as this quilt top has not been quilted. However, there are a few spots as you may see on the image.