QT904 Single Irish Chain Quilt Top

76 x 76 inches
New England

This graphic design was constructed from 2 patterns: an extended nine patch and a miniature four patch, which are combined to create the Single Irish Chain pattern.

The red and white color combination has always been one of the most popular and well loved colors in quilts. This quilt top was meticulously pieced with tiny hand stitches actually looking machine pieced, but it is not.

The extended Nine Patch block measures 6-3/4" square as is the measurement of the white joining block. The tiny squares in the four patch measure 7/8". The outer border is pieced from triangles measuring 1-3/4" X 1-1/8" X 1-1/8". The entire quilt is framed with this border. There are tiny holes in two white blocks. I will provide the same date white to replace those squares. You may not even see these in the photo.

A stunning red and white quilt top that you may finish with your own personal quilting design.

I am happy to send this top, with free shipping, for your approval.