UF261 Needlepoint Seat Cusion Covers
24-1/2 x 28-1/2 inches
New England
$450 set

The sophisticated art of needlepoint has been executed for hundreds of years. The women who participated in this art form had to have had an unbelievable amount of patience. I can’t imagine how long each seat cushion took to make.... certainly months. We have birds, flowers, vines, leaves and more all perfectly executed. There are 6 needlepoint cushions, 5 in perfect condition and 1 with an area with color missing. Today they could again be used as seat cushions or backs and seats for small chairs or as the most sophisticated and exquisite pillows. The sizes are apx 24-1/2 x 28-1/2" plus 1/4” edge turned under, 18" x 29” could be easily cut or 19 x 24” completely clear. If interested please call ....these can be sent on approval.