UF43 Black Fine Woolen Shawl with White Crosshatched Embellishment
59 x 62 inches plus apx 3" all-around fringe
New England

...with Sasha our Russian Siberian cat ..the only cats known to be hypo-allergenic...

It's definitely rare that one can take their winter covering off and then use it as a fabulous tablecloth. Shawls were the coats of earlier times. Shawls came in all sizes, shapes and colors. This simple design shawl, that was created from a very fine wool, can be used instead of a coat, fall, winter and spring. Due to the sophisticated coloring of this shawl, it will blend easily into most homes, and as you can see from this picture, will make an exquisite covering for your table.

We are happy to send this apparently unused shawl to you with free shipping for your at-home approval.