UF44 Herringbone Gold Metallic Hand Embellished Table Runner
14 x 54+ inches
New York

I can not imagine the hours of work that went in to creating this magnificent table runner. When one looks closely one can see that the base pattern used to create this masterpiece was actually pillow ticking fabric. In previous eras women created their pillows using this fabric. As it is very substancial and has straight lines, it is a perfect fabric to embellish. Each 1/4" row is embellished with one of approximately a dozen different colored embroidery threads.,. Some of these are actually gold metallic thread. Along each row a strip of either gold, silver or bronze metallic thread was carefully stitched in a cross stitch pattern. On each end there was added 7-1/2" of gorgeous teal in a silk velvet. Finishing off each end are a half dozen silk tassels.

I never cease to be amazed at the creativity of so many women to embellish their homes with exquisite handmade textiles. What a perfect basis for a centerpiece on your table throughout the year.

This one of a kind piece, in complete original condition is ready to be sent for your at-home approval with free shipping.