UF50 19th Century Paisley Shawl

62 x 62 inches
New England

This absolutely gorgeous 19th century printed paisley shawl would have been worn elegantly by a fashionable lady to keep warm during the spring or fall.

Challies, such as the one you see here, are woven from two threads; one thread of a fine wool and the other a silk thread.

Coats were not the norm during many parts of the 19th century and earlier; instead wool shawls would have been wrapped over the shoulders and around and around the body to keep warm. This is a lighter challie and therefore not appropriate for the coldest winter months. Today we mostly use these shawls for other purposes. A gorgeous tablecloth, an exquisite textile to frame to adorn a wall in your home, or this lovely piece may be used as a shawl worn on a special evening out.

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