UF55 Edwardian "Dickie"; Star Of David Hidden Buttons; Jewish Memorabilia
Full length 20", width 8" at widest point

Do you remember when "Dickies" were in style? I do 😄 However this one pre-dates when I wore them by well over half a century. This is an example of women being proud to be Jewish, but hiding the fact. Personally, I have never seen buttons with a Star of David on them. These are very complicated brass buttons with a raised Star and a circumference of shiny stones...Each of the 14 buttons measure 1/2" in diameter.

The entire piece looks hand made and never used. The 1-1/2" very elaborate fringe is a darker shade, in the same hue as the fabric.

What a rare collectors piece of Jewish memorabilia in complete original condition.

This "Dickie" may be sent for your approval, with free shipping.