UF63 Woolen Crewel Work Valance
c.18th century or earlier
8" x 58"

This amazing early valance is Crewel Embroidered with vegetable dyed woolen yarn on natural color homespun woolen fabric. One edge is selvedge while the top edge is turned over and hemmed with a running stitch. There are various shades of blue...some being Indigo..all are vegetable dyed that are used for the Crewel embroidery. There are some ancient moth holes and ancient patches that you can see from the back. This beautiful and rare 18th century or earlier valance can still be used today or framed as an example of, believed to be Jacobean woman's handwork. There is something very special about it...!

I purchased this piece over 20 years ago and am now ready to have this textile find another home.