UF906 Antique Hand Woven Embroidered Linen Fabric

c.19th Century
27" x 63"
Origin Unknown

I am captivated by the hand embroidery on this fabric. The designs are reminiscent of the 18th century, although I do not believe this piece is that old...Possibly the second half of the 19th Century.

This textile was created from hand woven linen and then hand dyed in a color that is an orange/Turkey Red. The delicate embroidery was executed in black, white and a reddish orange. You can see some embellishments that she has not finished. The designs are reminiscent of a much earlier time. We have flowers and what I believe is a hanging bee hive. All embroidery is beautifully done. The fabric is selvedge to selvedge with a 27" width.

I can see this beautiful piece adorning a special place in one's home...either on the wall or on a table.

I am happy to send this special unusual piece, for your approval, with free shipping.