Wool Bars Hooked Rug
19 x 32 inches
Found on Cape Cod..was told it was originally from Nova Scotia

Typical of many hooked rugs, this one has been created on burlap. The fibers used here are wool, cotton and rayon crepe. The outside 1/2ā€ rug binding has been applied by machine, which is not unusual. All other work has been executed by hand. Chances are, this rug was never used and is therefore in perfect condition. The inside border is 1-3/4ā€ in width and created from a black and white wool. The outside 5/8ā€ hooked rug double row was created from rayon crepe. Then follows another double row of taupe colored rayon crepe. The main body consists of apx 46 rows of alternating bars of black wool and red, blue,and green cottons. I feel it has a definite Amish or Mennonite design. It could be Mennonite - but Iā€™m not positive. The work is so good on this that this rug could be reversible. A wonderful,perfect condition hooked rug that would look great on a wall, a table or actually used on the floor. Will send for your approval...